About Us

Established in 1989, Sirius Analytical specialises in the provision of instruments, data and consultancy services with facilities in the US and UK. Sirius Analytical designs, manufactures and supplies unique analytical instrumentation for the pharmaceutical industry. Our instruments provide accurate and reliable values for pKa, log P, log D, solubility and dissolution, particle size and shape analysis. These critical physicochemical parameters are important in drug formulation, and also influence the ability of New Chemical Entities to cross biological membranes such as the gastro-intestinal tract, blood-brain barrier, skin and cell walls. Sirius also offers an analytical service for high quality PhysChem outsourcing, used by hundreds of clients worldwide.

Throughout the company’s history, we have been innovators. We introduced the standard of reporting pKas in 0.15M KCl ionic strength, Yasuda-Shedlovsky plots to obtain aqueous pKa from values measured in cosolvents, the use of Target Factor Analysis to obtain pKa from UV spectroscopic data, pH-metric measurement of logP, and solubility measurement by CheqSol. With over 60 Sirius-authored papers and chapters, and hundreds of oral presentations and posters at scientific meetings, Sirius Analytical is truly a leader in its field.

Sirius is a privately-owned company operating from a modern facility in England’s beautiful county of East Sussex. Customers in North America are supported from our Beverly, MA office. A network of distributors represent us worldwide.


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