Sirius inForm

Powerful instrument for bio-relevant dissolution and solubility analysis of formulations and dosage forms.

Use it for

Data to support in vivo studies

  • Understanding formulation performance under simulated GI conditions

  • The quest for IVIVC

Formulation development

  • Make formulation decisions earlier with detailed biorelevant data.

  • Investigating solubility enhancement

  • Characterizing supersaturation and precipitation

  • Comparing dissolution rates of salts

  • Optimizing a dosage form in terms of the balance between solubility/dissolution and partitioning

A wide range of assays

  • Dissolution in biorelevant media

  • Biphasic dissolution with pH control

  • Lipolysis

  • Supersaturation, precipitation

  • pKa, determination of MECs

  • Solubility