Sirius Insight

An innovative particle size analyser which makes particle size measurements easier, more meaningful and robust.

Sirius Insight

Sirius Insight provides particle analysis that’s easy, meaningful and robust. The instrument has two measurement methods: Laser Obscuration Time (LOT) for measuring particle size and Digital Video Imaging (DVI) for assessing particle shape. Both methods can be run sequentially on the same particle dispersion.

LOT offers many advantages as a sizing technique. It’s independent of optical properties and makes no assumptions about the particles being measured (e.g. shape or refractive index). This makes it very suitable for making accurate size measurements on samples which are either single compounds or mixtures of compounds such as drug-excipient blends. LOT is not a volume based measurement, so it can be used effectively for polydispersed samples or samples with minor size fractions. LOT is a time-domain measurement, making it suitable for solids concentration measurements.

DVI enables the determination of a number of particle shape parameters. This powerful feature enables material behaviour to be correlated with particle properties other than size.