Sirius SDi2

This unique surface dissolution imager enables detailed analysis of dissolution and drug release directly at the solid-solution interface

Use the Sirius SDi2 for

Rapid IDR measurement

  • Rank order candidates during pre-formulation
  • Compare performance of salt forms, polymorphs, hydrates, co-crystals  
  • Gain insight for troubleshooting
  • Small sample requirement
  • Option to use Raman spectroscopy and UV imaging in the same experiment

Quantify drug release from formulations

  • Study effect of excipients on dissolution
  • Compatible with biorelevant media
  • Study effect of media change on dissolution
  • Choose open or closed loop fluidic configurations
  • Compatible with a range of sample formats: powders, single crystals, granules, gels,

Gain mechanistic understanding of release from whole dosages

  • Quantify swelling, erosion and disintegration processes
  • Study solid form changes and drug release in a single experiment
  • Compare performance of different formulations for immediate release, extended release and enteric coated tablets
  • Use biorelevant flow rates and an inline pH shift to simulate effect of gastric emptying on whole dosage performance