Sirius Scissor

In vitro testing for injection site events for biopharmaceuticals

Features and Benefits



A sophisticated model of the subcutaneous and intraocular spaces

Allows accurate modelling of the in vivo behaviour of injectable biopharmaceuticals

Excellent correlation between data obtained and human release/bioavailability from multiple, well characterised protein and antibody formulations

System generates the same release profiles and rank orders of bioavailability as observed in humans

Easily managed experiments

Can be used during formulation development for excipient screening in order to assess the impact in human bioavailability

Custom-designed extra-cellular matrix cartridge provides a very accurate simulation of the extracellular matrix. The modelled capillary transport system mimics precisely the infinite sink conditions of human bloodstream

Accurate simulation of injected drug’s behaviour at the injection and absorption stages

Option for automated sample collection

Allows users to run unattended assays

ISF buffer chamber and ECM are magnetically stirred during tests

Stirring simulates the active environment of the human body

4-channel light transmission through cartridge

Rapid, effective detection of turbidity allows visualisation of events such precipitation or dissolution of particles in suspension

pH controlled by physiologically relevant buffers with a feedback loop

Extremely tight pH control using a biorelevant buffer ensures a perfect replication of the conditions in the human body and
eliminates buffer interference effects

Syringe station holds cartridge injection syringe in a fixed position

Reproducible injections enable meaningful data comparison

Intuitive Control Software - Excel based data report

Easy to mine data and produce reports